Is It Possible to Remove Mugshots from the Internet?

Submitted by Reputation Stars.

remove mugsotsA picture is forever, but most people aren’t likely to be thinking about their mugshot photo preventing them from getting a job years later. Unfortunately, in states like Florida, where mugshots can go as far back as 1999, that’s reality. It’s possible to get these mugshots removed from the Internet, but the process isn’t easy. If this has happened to you then these tips may help you find some course of action to clear your name.

The Good News

Some of the mugshot sites may accept direct money form removal and have direct link on their site for removal. However, there is no guarantee it will not show up again. If removal service is not offered,  you can still attempt to contact them and some may remove for no charge. If all fails, you can hire a reputation management company to do it for you. The process could be time consuming, and can be expensive, but it is possible.

The Bad News

That all sounds fairly simple, but the webmaster is most likely obscuring his or her information with private hosting. Private hosting will shield their name, address, business name, phone numbers and any other means of contact from outside observers. That makes it difficult to hold anyone accountable.

In addition, they make money on your mugshots. There is no incentive for them to remove the mugshots because this anonymously posted content gives them page views and advertising dollars. They don’t respond to legal threats either. They are protected by the Freedom of Information Act, which gives these websites the right to find your mugshots and criminal records and publish them without consequences.

There are special techniques that can hide your mugshot from search engines, or have them removed entirely. If you attempt this yourself, or pay the mugshot website for removal, you have no protection long term from these posts returning. A trusted reputation management consultant costs less than an attorney and can help you build a reputation management strategy that gets your life back on track. If mugshots have affected you, leading to job loss or worse, there are organizations that specialize in mugshot removal and will help you.