Alaska Signs Tough Immigration Laws

June 9 2011 Alaska Governor Robert Bentley signed a tough immigration enforcement law. This law is seen as one of the toughest immigration laws in the country outdoing even the controversial Arizona law.

It is expected that there will be many legal challenges filed in court against this law. The Southern Poverty Law Center and The Civil Liberties Union have already stated their intention to file lawsuits.

This law requires public schools to determine citizenship or immigration status of children when enrolling them to school. This will be done by checking the birth certificate or by a sworn affidavit.

It gives the police the power to demand documentation from a suspect illegal immigrant and detain a person if they can’t provide any such documentation. Employees are required to check the immigration status of new employees by using the E-Verify database which was endorsed by the Supreme Court in a case relating to the immigration law in Arizona.

The law makes it illegal for a landlord to knowingly rent a property to an illegal immigrant and for a person to provide transportation knowingly to an illegal immigrant.

Many are calling this law racist and unconstitutional.

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