Another Killing in San Francisco Highlights Illegal Immigration

Another senseless and unprovoked killing by an illegal immigrant of a woman, 31-year old Kate Steinle who was walking with her father on a busy pier during daylight in San Francisco bring the illegal immigration issue to the forefront one more time. The killer used only one bullet. Officials in San Francisco state that it is a random act of violence.



The suspect, 45-year old Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is an undocumented from Mexico and has been deported five times prior to the incident. He has been released by local authorities in San Francisco few months earlier. He was attracted to the San Francisco City because of its Sanctuary City policies where violators of the law suspected to be in the country illegally are not reported to Federal authorities regardless of any requirements under the Federal law.

In the center of the controversy is a battle between the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the City. ICE handed over the suspect to the local agency in March to face a felony charge and failed to forward a warrant to handover the suspect after release from local agency custody. The incident is sure to bring the illegal immigration and especially deportation of those with criminal history to the forefront and on to the upcoming Presidential election campaign.

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