Arizona Lawmakers Add Few More Immigrant Restrictions

There’s no doubt that Arizona lawmakers are taking matters into their hands by the controversial bills that was passed in matter related to illegal immigration last year, and now, they are proposing another round of measures that make the first bill (also known as Senate Bill 1070) pale in comparison.

And while this first has raised a lot of eyebrows in the United States in people considering Arizona to be a place where a citizen’s basic rights are being violated, immigration hardliners are applauding the recent efforts of Arizona lawmakers in passing and enforcing this bill.

The federal government, led by Obama, has moved to court to block this, and this has further infuriated state legislators to release this Bill which not only denies noncitizens the right from driving, gaining admission in school or even the right to state citizenship apart from receiving non-emergency care and to rent a home for their stay without documentation.
Some people think that this move can change the rights of any citizens amongst illegal immigrants in asking for documentation before you are able to get anything, the state of Indiana has just recently followed suit by allowing its police officers to check for documentation.

And despite the fact that the number of illegal immigrants has reduced significantly ever since the federal government has placed their men to stem the flow, it doesn’t look like these lawmakers will stop until they get what they want in terms of illegal immigration.

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