Democrats to Consider New Illegal Immigration Amnesty

There is anticipation that the Democrats on Capitol Hill with the approval of the white house will re-introduce immigration reform as early as December. It is expected that the reforms would be a contrast issue to that of the Republicans whose main emphasis is on Border Security.

Though there are no confirmed plans regarding the reforms there are discussions on issues ranging from re-introducing comprehensive reform to the re- introduction of the Dream Act which was defeated last year.

They are also considering the possibility of combining the tough border security plans introduced by Republican senators John McCain and Jon Kyl with a form of the Dream Act.

With the presidential election coming up it is unlikely that a major immigration bill will pass Congress, but the move will help to get the support of the Hispanic voters who are losing faith in the Democrats and their immigration policy.
With the Hispanic vote playing a major role in his re- election bid, president Obama who gained 67% of their vote at the last presidential election is expected to pay considerable attention to the issues with the Republicans also making a major play with their policy on stronger border security.

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