Illegal Immigrants in a Quandary

There is no doubt that S.B. 1070 has struck fear in the hearts of all illegal and most legal immigrants in the U.S. Those who are there illegally in Arizona face strict penalties and those who are there legally face the strong possibility of racial discrimination. With regard to this, many Latinos have started leaving the country in droves. Unfortunately for them they seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place over that decision. According to laws that were brought in by President Obama’s administration before the implementation of the controversial Arizona law, those crossing back over the border can be prosecuted for their undocumented status. This leaves the illegal immigrants in state of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. According to the regulations, those crossing the border either way have to have their photographs taken and as well be fingerprinted. If at that point they are discovered to have been in the country illegally, committed crimes etc., they can arrested. Authorities say that the law is not meant to harass people but rather to capture criminal elements. They say that several million dollars in cash and several thousand rounds of ammunition have been seized from those fleeing the country. However, those critical of the regulations say that if the illegal immigrants want to go, then they should be allowed go. They also point out that holding them will only add to the overburdened prisons in the country. Even the Conservatives have joined in the criticism and said the regulations were counterproductive in this instance.

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