Immigration Issues

When Arizona passed that tough immigration bill last year, it caused a lot of upset with its obvious ‘hardliner’ position. And there were a lot of states that wanted to follow suit since Arizona clearly gave the enforcement of federal immigration law into the hands of local and state authorities.


Yet although these measures have been accepted in Arizona, Indiana is reviewing a similar bill that easily passed in the Senate but has been so far stalled in the House as there seems to be resistance from business and political leaders who are worried about the fact that this might hurt the state’s image and among foreigners who are in Indiana legally.
So far it is unclear whether or not the Bill in question will be given a hearing in the House, after which a final decision will be made, and so keeping these aspects in mind, Sen. Mike Delph is considering some changes so that the Bill will be passed in both houses.

However, even though the House Speaker Brian Bosma has reservations about the bill, he is positive that it will get a hearing sooner rather than later, and despite the fact that Congress has not done its job in plugging the holes at the border, it would be uncomfortable to deal with both foreigners and the businesses that they work for especially since the passing of this Bill is deemed as some form of racial profiling.

What most leaders do suggest is that instead of going the Arizona way, Indiana legislators can take a leaf out of Utah’s books, which allows law enforcement personnel to investigate the immigration status of those who have been charged with serious crimes.

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