Legal Battle Continues on President’s Executive Orders on Immigration

A judge in a District Court in Texas in February 2015 ordered a temporary halt to certain actions of President Obama’s controversial immigration measures. The order came as a result of a review of a lawsuit jointly filed by 26 states. Republicans were overjoyed by the judge’s decision and Obama Administration is sure to appeal the decision.


A public poll immediately after the decision by the Public Religion Research Institute indicates that 73 percent of Americans wants the Congress to take the immigration issue up for discussion and action. They support a comprehensive immigration bill rather than trying to undo President’s Executive Orders including the ability to get work permits for nearly five million illegals living in the United States already and providing legal safety from deportation.

No matter what, illegal immigration is sure to dominate the 2016 Presidential elections. Some candidates are already aligning with the opposition to President Obama’s Executive Orders and calling for Congressional actions to counter them. It will be a battle since many Black and Hispanics and majority of whites support President’s actions mainly due to lack of action by the Congress on the immigration issues.

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