Mexican Border Measures: Is it Security or Racism?

According to a report from Associated Press that was displayed on the Yahoo News pages, the Senate has moved a lot closer to approving a 700-mile fence across the Mexican border. This fence is being touted by many as a necessary means of defense that was prompted by the terrorist attacks of 9/11. However I feel that this fence is a means for those who are bent on discriminating against Mexicans and Hispanics in general, to enforce measures that will debilitate the growth of Hispanics on this country.

Why do I feel that way? For starters we need to look at what is being done on our Canadian border in order to beef up security. You see the Canadian border poses a greater security treat to us, primarily, because the number of Muslim radicals in Canada is larger than in Mexico. According to some statistics from Religious Tolerance, there are about 253,260 Canadians that identify themselves as Muslims. According to Religious Tolerance, these figures are believed to be an under-estimate, due to the fact that some Muslims are reluctant to reveal their religion out of fear of discrimination. Furthermore, there are more than likely some radical elements within Canadas Muslim population, and because radicals are more likely to harbor ill feelings towards westerners and are very likely to be affiliated with terrorist groups, chances are that they are not going to give any government agency full disclosure of their identity or whereabouts.

Interestingly enough, there is no sense of urgency to seal off the Canadian border, which according to a US Border Patrol site, it is 4,000 miles. Now, the border patrol could not possibly cover this vast area of land, yet nothing is being done to cover this area.

On the other hand, Information Clearing House states that there are about 3,000 Muslims among the 100 million people that live in Mexico. The rest of the population is 90 percent Roman Catholic, and the majority of those crossing the border are of a Roman Catholic religious background.

This toppled with the fact that the Mexican border is only 700 miles, as compared to the Canadian 4,000 mile border, leaves me with no other conclusion that this whole immigration reform comes out of racism and discrimination against Mexicans and all Hispanic people. So if we are not careful and keep taps on these pure breed mentality folks, we are going to end up with a wave of civil rights violations all over the nation. Things such as illegal detentions of Hispanics who are all ready U.S. citizens will be common place, as law enforcement officers will be pressured into perusing anything the resembles a Latino.

So I ask that those of you who are in agreement with my observation, to verbalize it and spread it all over this great nation of ours. After all, we still have freedom of speech; so lets use it before the anti-Hispanic police take it away from us.

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