What Do the Illegal Immigrants Do in the US After Getting Through?

Illegal immigrants are those who cross national borders in a way that violates immigration laws of the destination country. The Illegal immigrant population of the United States of America is estimated to be between 12 and 20 million, with the majority of illegal immigrants are from Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Illegal immigrants compete with the citizens of the said country for jobs, causing problems with unemployment in the host country. These immigrants usually settle for undesirable or hard jobs at very low wages. This allows illegal immigrants to secure jobs that citizens cannot, based on the simple fact of cheap labor. Many of the illegal immigrants that get through easily secure jobs as maids, toilet cleaners, ditch diggers, fruit pickers, pool cleaners, carpenters, brick layers and roofers. Although some of these are sufficiently compensated middle-class trades, illegal immigrants are able to do the same work for very low wages, thus artificially depressing the local job economy. The afore-mentioned trade aside, illegal immigrants pose another problem to governments as they will do anything to find work after getting through. Some of these immigrants are employed in the sex trade increasing illegal prostitution and the eventual threat of sexually transmitted disease.

Within the current economic conditions there are many employers who are willing to employ illegal immigrants for the lesser wages they would work for. Therefore the incentive for people to cross borders illegally is presently more than it has ever been before.

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